UDC 332.05
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.12.04.005


N. O. Yakushev,
Researcher, Vologda Scientific Center Russian Academy of Sciences, Vologda, Russia


The purpose of the work is to consider the use of digital currency technology in order to attract the attention of the scientific and expert community to the risks and opportunities associated with this new phenomenon.
Materials and methods. The research uses the methodology of process analysis, tools for interpreting functional dependencies, techniques, and methods of comparison.
Results. The article assumes that the development of the digital economy of territories, as well as the introduction of digital technologies, is inherently linked to the formation of modern payment assets. One of such tools in the formation of the digital economy for the development of territories, as noted in the article, should consider the technology of digital currency. The study also emphasizes that the development of digital currency technology includes a two-phase economic nature for the development of territories. At the same time, the first one has an obvious characteristic associated with transactional and price risks in the economy when using it. However, the second suggests that this is an opportunity to achieve an accelerated breakthrough in the digital economy for the development of territories.
Conclusion. The results of the presented research contribute to the development of the theory and practice of the digital economy and digital transformation of territories.


digital currency, digital economy, technologies, opportunities, risks, territories.