UDC 083.94
DOI: 10.51409/va2022.12.04.009


D. I. Umerenkov,
Postgraduate student, Associate Professor of the Department of Organizational Management, Synergy University, Moscow, Russia
A. G. Dmitriev,
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Organizational Management Synergy University, Moscow; Russia


The purpose of the work. The software development process is not possible without competent management. To solve these problems, various methodologies simplify the project management process. The most popular management methodology is Agile. It includes a significant number of different methodologies, the most popular of which are Scrum and Kanban. However, the choice of using one or another technique, which will be the most effective, is a rather difficult task. This is the relevance of this work. The aim of the study is to form criteria for choosing flexible software development methods in a particular IT-project. The objectives of the study is to reduce to the definition of an algorithm that allows you to choose the right methodology for an IT-project.
Materials and methods. The methodological basis of the study consisted of methods of theoretical analysis of secondary information, comparative analytical method, methods of analysis and synthesis.
Results. The criteria for choosing one or another methodology are determined, based on which an algorithm for choosing the necessary software development methodology is formed.
Conclusion. The analysis showed that flexible methodologies are by far the most popular method of managing IT projects, since they have the flexibility that traditional models cannot give.


аgile methodologies, software development methodology, Scrum, Kanban, Scrum Master, IT project management.