UDC 331.108
DOI: 10.51409/va2023.03.01.011


N. N. Trofimova,
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The purpose of the work. An increasing number of companies, including well-known enterprises in various sectors of the economy, consider “sustainable development” and “smart production” as an important goal of their activities and strategic development, focused on increasing growth and competitiveness. In many cases, these efforts are yielding significant results. The purpose of the article is to consider the key benefits that an enterprise receives by implementing the concept of smart production.
Materials and methods. The methods of source analysis and generalization were used in the study.
Results. The following key advantages of introducing the smart manufacturing approach into the activities of an industrial enterprise are highlighted: a significant increase in production speed, optimization of inventory levels, the ability to improve the quality of manufactured goods, increase the efficiency of preventive maintenance, increase the skill level of employees, increase competitive advantages, improved data analysis, optimization of processes and resources, improvement of quality control, real-time alerts, smart production platforms, better collaboration and knowledge sharing, minimizing human errors, etc.
Conclusion. For the business to flourish in the future, you need to start thinking about introducing the latest technologies and investing in new equipment.


smart production, efficiency, advanced technologies, digitalization.