UDC 332.05
DOI: 10.51409/v.a.2023.03.01.008


A. S. Shavkun,
Graduate student, Moscow University for Industry and Finance «Synergy», Moscow, Russia


The purpose of the work is to consider various economic and legal aspects of the tokenization of enterprises’ assets in Russia and abroad.
Materials and methods. The main research methods used in this article are the method of analysis, comparison, and interpretation of the obtained results.
Results. Cryptocurrencies, tokens and other digital assets constitute a growing share of global financial assets. The broad implementation of new financial instruments and the spread of virtual transactions entails the need to develop an adequate and effective strategy for converting familiar instruments into electronic format. The primary task of states in these circumstances is the formation of a unified economic policy with regard to the processes of including cryptocurrencies and tokens in the activities of enterprises, defining digital sovereignty and creating a legal platform to ensure information security of these economic phenomena.
Conclusion. The prospects for further research in the field of tokenization are seen in the development of methodological instruments of digitalization assets of certain economy sectors.


information security, tokenization, digital elements, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, digitalization.