UDC 338.47: 629.33
DOI: 10.51409/va2023.06.02.011


T. P. Gorelova
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Professor Logistics and Marketing Department Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


The purpose of the work. To substantiate the importance of the introduction and use of unmanned vehicles in the transport market, the need to improve the regulatory sphere and the development of modern business models of logistics activities.
Materials and methods. This study examines the prospects and importance of the use of unmanned vehicles in transport and logistics companies, which is justified: firstly, by increasing labor productivity; secondly, by optimizing costs; thirdly, by reducing risks; fourth, by focusing on qualified drivers; fifth, by improving the quality of logistics services performed. (insurance) operations.
Results. The market of unmanned cargo transportation is at the stage of formation. Attention to this market is quite increased and there are enough expert points of view and analytical reports on the use of unmanned technologies in the field of cargo transportation in the open access. As part of the study, a “portrait” of companies representing the UAS market was formed, and the results of a survey conducted by the CSR made it possible to identify trends and features of their activities, determine the necessary conditions for the sustainable development of the UAS market, as well as reflect the tools for removing regulatory restrictions.
Conclusion. The opinions of experts and the data of research companies’ reports vary greatly from the long way to achieving the international level of development of the Russian cargo transportation market on unmanned control and to the fact that unmanned cargo transportation will become a normal norm of life for us in the next few years.


unmanned vehicle, unmanned aircraft systems, transport and logistics market, unmanned vehicle market.