UD 658.5
DOI: 10.51409/va2023.06.02.002


L. V. Rudakova,
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The purpose of the work. The scientific novelty and practical significance of the work lies in the development of the main evolutionary stages of the origin of the management system of business structures and in determining the features of the adaptive management system.
Materials and methods. The article analyses the factor relationships in the management system of business structures, which leads to the development of various business models.
Results. The factorial interrelations in the management system of business structures are identified and investigated, as well as the acting forces that can influence their development trajectory are identified. A binary classification of “emerging” and “developed” management systems of business structures has been developed.
Conclusion. Each business structure has its own management mechanism that ensures the rational use of available resources, based on an internal management system, and allows you to structure the management impact at different levels of management to ensure adaptation and at the same time sustainable development of the entire business structure.


factors, management system of business structures, business processes, relationships.