UDC 005.2: 338.4
DOI: 10.51409/va2023.06.02.004


S. A. Makovetsky,
Senior Researcher of the Department of Modeling of Economic Systems of the State Budgetary Institution “Institute of Economic Research”, Donetsk, DNR


The purpose of the work. The article describes the problems faced by industrial enterprises in conditions of limited natural resources.
Materials and methods. Conceptual approaches to the principles of optimizing the use of natural resources, both by industry and the economy as a whole, are outlined.
Results. Approaches to stabilization and economic and environmental sustainability are presented. Conclusions are drawn about the need for the transition of the economy of industrial sectors to sustainable development based on closedloop technologies.
Conclusion. The understanding of global environmental problems, the scarcity of raw materials and the need for sustainable development has led to the development of new approaches that aim at a balanced combination of economic growth and quality of life for humanity, which can only be based on a closed-cycle economy model.


industrial enterprise, resources, principles, approaches, concepts, circular economy.