UDC 330.15
DOI: 10.51409/va2023.06.02.005


A. B. Krasnoperova,
Master of Science in Sustainable Development and Energy, currently teaching at MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia


The purpose of the work. The article examines the place and role of energy in the system of economic public goods.
Materials and methods. Based on the study of the views of prominent economists and philosophers of different eras on the nature and types of economic goods, and on such methods as comparative analysis and synthesis, the author determines properties of energy, namely, non-excludability, indivisibility, reimbursement, utility, universality.
Results. Energy appears to be a mixed public good of international importance.
Conclusion. Digitalization in the energy sector and introduction of the energy Internet contribute to the improvement of the efficiency and availability of energy services, and to the welfare of the society.


public goods, human needs, energy, energy resources, digitalization