UDC 339.9
DOI: 10.51409/va2023.10.03.014


M. N. Eliseev,
D. of Engineering Sciences, Full Professor, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia
O. A. Kosareva,
Ph.D. in Technology, associate Professor of the Department of Commerce and Trade, Moscow Financial Industrial University “Synergy”, Moscow, Russia


Due to natural and climatic features, only more than forty countries supply coffee to the world market. However, the number of large manufacturers includes a smaller number of participants. Thus, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia and Honduras account for more than 4/5 of the total world coffee exports.
A significant part of the coffee sold in our country is produced at Russian enterprises, but, of course, we are talking only about processing and packaging. Coffee beans themselves are still imported from other countries, and there is no import substitution here and is not expected. Fortunately, the supply disruptions caused by the epidemic and the geopolitical situation in the world turned out to be temporary. The departed brands have already been replaced by new ones that are not inferior in quality.
The coffee market is famous for fierce competition, and there were more than enough suppliers willing to work with our country.
The article is devoted to the analysis of the main trends and prospects for the development of the world and Russian coffee markets. It analyzes the main directions of development of the coffee market in the world, shows the main producing countries, importers and exporters of this product. With the help of analytical indicators, the dynamics of coffee production, import-export in the Russian Federation for five years is presented, the main reasons for the changes that have occurred are identified and the analysis of the leading manufacturers of the domestic coffee market is carried out, the article examines the general structure of the coffee market, presents the results of the analysis of changes in consumer preferences.


coffee market, export, import, production, structure, rating, brand.