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Ilinskaya N. I. Creativity Development as the Main Function of Higher Education Institution Varlamova T. P. Concertmaster’s Multifunctional Activities in the Domra Class Chen Xize. On the Conductor Training System in China (methodological observations) Yakoupov A. N. Music and Communication Processes in Society: Management Theory Kozyakova M. I. Virtual Space as a New Type of Artificial Environment Stepanova M. A. “The Starry Wind of Cassiopeia” by Victor Ulyanich: Experience in Analysing Computer and Audiovisual Compositions Beriglazova Ye. V. Artistic Images of S. Sirotin’s Poem “The Death of Ivan the Terrible”: Satirical Tragic Aspect Merzlov A. N. Sergey Rachmaninoff’s Vocal Cycle “Six Poems” for Voice and Piano, Op. 38: Features of Musical Content and Form Sapozhnikova V. S. Emergence of Fashion as Social and Cultural Phenomenon Peremislov I. A., Peremislova L. G. (USA). Japanese Aesthetics in American Silver Masterpieces Lebedev D. L. Aubrey Beardsley and Arthur Rackham: Subtleties of Impact Wang Dan. To the History of the Production of Tchaikovsky’s Opera “Eugene Onegin” in China Ivanov A. I. Christopher Bork and His Trombone Course Merkulov А. М. Louis Pabst, Brother of Pavel Augustovich Pabst Izergina A. R. In the Mirror of a Masterpiece: “Five Reflections on the Theme of the 24th Caprice of Paganini” by Kuzma Bodrov Lazarev P. S. Multimedia Technologies in Modern Performance: “A Woman from the Past” in The Saratov Drama Theatre Padyan Yu. Yu. Performance as a Contemporary Art Phenomenon Turlyun L. N., Frantseva N. V. Textile Ornament. Evolution from Block Printing to Computer Technologies Boitunova S. I., Maksimova S. V., Shlykova O. V. Book Culture and Art in Yakutia Chen Xize. Meetings with the Lifetime Classic Composer Du Mingxin Volkov D. V. Traditions of Gusli Playing in Village Life Sobkin V. S., Lykova T. A., Sobkina A. V. Relationships with Parents as a Psychological Resource in Obtaining Higher Education in the Arts for Students with Disabilities Balatskaya A. L. P. I. Tchaikovsky and J. E. Conus. From the History of Correspondence
Ilinskaya N. I. Innovative Technologies in Education. Teacher as the Main Subject of Educational Process in the Age of Digital Transformation Berezhnoy V. Yu. Modern Russian Music for a Bayan Duet: (last third of the XXth – beginning of the XXIst century) Yakoupov A. N. Music and Communication Processes in Society: Management Theory Plotnikova O. M. Heuristic Potential of the “Art World” Metaconcept in Music Communication Kostina A. V. Popular Culture and Mass Culture: to the Problem of Definition Alekseeva M. Yu., Mikhailov A. A., Samsonova I. V., Rakova M. S. Typological Outlines of Transitional Consciousness in Modern Culture Sidorova M. A. Sacred Theme of M. I. Glinka’s Opera “A Life for the Tsar” and Its Ideological and Artistic Functions Koshkareva N. V. “Epigraph by Count Tolstoy to His Novel “Anna Karenina” by R. Shchedrin: Paradigm of Polyphonic Thinking Kulakova O. Yu. Artists Serving Botanists: Conflict and Search for Mutual Understanding in the XVIth – XVIIth Centuries Peremislov I. A., Peremislov L. G. Japanese Aesthetics in American Silver Masterpieces Supotnitskaya E. S., Sharma E. Yu. In the Shadow of Chaliapin: Ivan Yershov Wang Kaidi. Cultural Contacts between Russia and China in the Field of Music and Drama Theater (50s of the XXth century) Miroshnichenko S. V. I. G. Agafonnikov — Portrait of a Conductor and Teacher Yu Yalong. Development of Cello School in China. Creative and Pedagogical Activities of Wang Liansan and Situ Zhiwen Xia Tsihan. Interpretation of Musical Genre in the Works of R. Ignatiev and K. Breitburg Varlamova A. V. The Sound Palette of Nikolay Berestov’s Piano Work Chen Zekang. Jia Daqun Concerto “Fusion II”: Interpretation of Chinese Percussion Instruments Miroshnikov V. V., Miroshnikova V. M. On the Problems of Visual Image Formation in Russian Territorial Branding Ursegova N. A. Russian Folklore in Mass Musical Education of Children in Pre-Revolutionary Russia (60s – 80s of the XIXth century) Zhang Yue. Russian Folk Song “Over the Silver River” and Its Fate in China Sobkin V. S., Lykova T. A., Sobkina A. V. Life Attitudes of Students with Disabilities and Students with Preserved Health Dolinskaya E. B. Fabulous Musicians: S. Prokofiev and N. Medtner
Boubnova M. V. Creating Works of Visual Art: Features, Problems and Concepts of Artistic Activity Khairulina A. V. On the Methods of O. N. Loshakov in Teaching Easel Painting. From His Experience at the Vladivostok Art School in 1960–1962 Bondarenko N. G. Didactic Potential of Mobile Learning in Higher Education Melnikova E. V. New Forms of Interaction Between Music and “Word“ in Modern Vocal Creation. To Be Studied in the Course “Analysis of Musical Works / Musical Form“ Chen Qiaoyu. On the Art of Vocal Teaching by Professor Jin Tielin Yakoupov A. N. Music and Communication Processes in Society: Management Theory Sergeeva T. S., Doroschuk E. S. Specificity of Russian Art Blogging as a New Form of Media Creation in Digital Age Chernova E. V. About the Children’s Segment of Musical Mass Media Culture in the XXIst Century Vinokurova N. A., Tabachnikova O. M. Economics, Culture, Education: Gender Aspect Ke Meili. Formation of the Traditional Understanding of the Piano Miniature Genre (historical aspect) Surayeva N. G. From the History of the Formation of the Imperial Academy of Painting in China Gudymenko Yu. Yu. Tradition and Innovation in the Works of O. A. Kiprensky: Portrait of A. K. Schwalbe Shyntyapina Ye. S. Fairy-Tale and Mythological Motifs in the Decoration of Architectural Complexes by N. P. Krasnov in Yalta District Teterina N. I. B. V. Asafyev’s Unpublished Notes in the Margins of M. P. Musorgsky’s Orchestral Score for “Boris Godunov“ Tsvetkova P. Yu. B. Brecht’s “Turandot“ at the Taganka Theatre: History of Creation and Musical Disign by A. Schnittke Zhao Huaichao. Du Fu Poetry and Its Interpretation in the Genre Diversity of the First Notebook of “Sichuan Elegies” by N. Sidelnikov Alekseeva I. V. Margarita Zelenaia: “The Agony in the Garden” Based on El Greco. Musical Interpretation of the Gospel Story Zhang Kailin. Polarity of S. Slonimsky’s Stylistic Guidelines in the Instrumental Concerts “Primaverile” and “Tragicomedy” Turintseva А. В. “Musical Reading”: a Pedagogical Approach of M. F. Gnesin Wang Dan. Guo Shuzhen as One of the First Chinese Performers of Tatiana in the Opera “Eugene Onegin” by P. I. Tchaikovsky Ursegova N. A. Publication of the “Siberian Living Antiquity” (1923–1929). To the Problem of Studying the History of Russian Folkloristics in Siberia Varlamova T. P. The Importance of Compensatory Skills of Visually Impaired for the Creative Work of a Musician Romashchuk I. M. N. Ya. Myaskovsky: the Attraction of Talent
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Borisenko T. S., Ignatova I. B. Artistic and Creative Activity of the Head of an Amateur Choreographic Team: from Concept to Implementation Maroziene R. Sociocultural Aspect of Teaching to Play Lithuanian National Instruments Yakoupov A. N. Music Communication: Ways of Reproduction and Channels of Perception of Music (historical and analytical view) Funtova D. A. Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Culturological Dimension Plyakhotko A. S., Akulich E. M. Library of a New Type as a Cultural Universal Urvantseva O. A. Dialectics of the Interaction of Style and Content (on the example of music by composers of the XXth century) Plotnikova O. M. Libretto of the Opera the Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart in the Genre of Fairy-Tale Zheng Yan. Artistic Images of the Ballet the River Flows by Zuo Zhenguan Kirillina O. M. Literary Bogemia in Russia and in the USSR. Revolution and Bohemia Artamonova E. A. From Russia to the UK and Back Across the English Channel: Musical Discoveries from WWII and the Thaw (recent archival findings and publications) Grutsynova A. P. French Ballet at the End of the XIXth Century (Javotte, 1896) Irkhen I. I., Li Rui. Choreographic Borrowings as a Form of Promoting the Russian Ballet Tradition in China Gasnikova O. V. Transformation of an Opera Performance into a Ballet (by Russian and West European choreographers). Markov A. V. Italian Primitive and Critical Revival in Russian Modernism Abdrashitova I. V., Peremyslov I. A. Poetic Statement as the Fixation of Human Existence Khoroshavina V. B. Nikolai Sidelnikov’s Spiritual Works as a Reflection of the Philosophy of Culture Wei Pengfei. Chinese Traditional Art — Quyi Fomchenko E. V. Performance in Folk Culture Sergeeva M. I. Сarvers of Gingerbread Boards: Traditions of the Past and the Present Yegorova M. A., Rabina T. M. Methods of Musical and Rhythmic Education of Preschool Children with Visual Disabilities Based on Pedagogical System of Karl Orff Saito Momo. Nikolai Medtner ― Professor of Moscow Conservatory
Kolbysheva S. I. Aesthetic and Art Education as a Sociocultural Phenomenon Tarasova M. V., Kistova A. V., Pimenova N. N. Standarts of Artistic Culture in Higher Education: Practice of Developing Visual Thinking Gabriyelyan T. O. Conceptual Model of Higher Educational Program on Communicative Design Chang Xiaogeng. Development of Environmental Design in Russia and in China at the Present Stage Varlamova T. P. Repertoire as the Prevailing Factor of the Contestant’s Psycho-Emotional State Yakoupov A. N. Music Communication: Ways of Reproduction and Channels of Perception of Music (historical and analytical view) Turlyun L. N., Stepanskaya A. G. Features of Functioning and Perception of Traditional Art in Virtual and Digital Environment Samoilova N. K. Constant and Variable in the Style of a Russian Piano Quartet Tereshchenko V. P. The Influence of S. I. Taneyev’s Stylistic Principles on Russian Choral Music of the XXth Century Garipova N. F. To the Question of Sacred Meanings in N. Sabitov’s Piano Cycle “Seven Tunes” Romashchuk I. M. “The Front”: Music for a Film as an Archival Document Aleksandrova V. A. The Project of Staging “Khovanshchina” by M. P. Mussorgsky in B. V. Asafyev’s Orchestration Mochalsky N. A. Artist Dmitry Mochalsky and His Works Kirillina O. M. Literary Bohemia in the USSR. State and Underground Zhang Kewu. Legacy of Xiao Youmei: Paths to European Music Chistyakov R. V. “Brother Bunny” Opera for Children by Fattah: Genre and Composition Features Podguzova O. A. S. Yakovenko and His Skills in the Context of the Interpretation of Y. Boutsko’s Mono-Opera “Diary of a Madman” Stepanova M. A. Victor Ulyanich and His Ladozvonn Integrated Music-Theoretical System (portrait of the composer) Kartseva С. A. Public Art in Educational and Research Environment Sitnikova S. A. Ancient Sacral Meanings of Coniferous Tree (Spruce, Pine) in Tver Traditional Culture Yeginbayeva T. Zh. Modern Performance on the Kazakh Kobyz Alpatova A. S. Oligotonics and Chasmatonics in Traditional Songs of North American Indians (on the 145th anniversary of the birth of Natalie Curtis). Kozlova T. V. Psychological Aspect of Synesthesia and Features of Synesthetic Perception of Deaf People
Dylkov A. G. On the Use of Some Cloud Services in Education Grinko O. G. Time Challenge: Computer and Internet Technologies in Vocal Ensemble Training Strizhak A. V., Kazakova N. U. The Method of Bionic Shaping in Teaching Bachelors of Industrial Design (experiment results). Suvorova A. G. Practical Course Content of Russian Grammar for Chinese Students Yakoupov A. N. Social and Musical Communication: Stages of Formation in Russia Belyakova E. V. A New Aspect of Cultural Diffusion Gorbunova M. B. Developing the Emotional Intelligence of Students in the Process of Musical Activity Xing Xin. Tan Dun’s Violin Concerto “The Love” as a Reflection of Stylistic Diversity of Modern Composition Gorshkova A. M. Piano Pieces of A. S. Arensky on the Example of the Cycle Op. 36 Akshentseva V. M. Dialogue and Its Manifestations in Instrumental Concerts of J. Haydn Lebedev A. E., Voynova D. V. T. Leschetizky’s Piano Traditions and Their Refraction in the Activity of Saratov Conservatory Teachers Platonova A. A. A. B. Goldenweiser’s Creative Principles Krasnogorova O. A. The Sound of the “Golden age”: Problems in Performing English Virginal Art Tsvetkova E. O. S. Prokofiev’s “Fleeting Moments”: Choreographic Interpretation of the Piano Masterpiece Trifonova А. A. “Symphonic Etudes” by R. Schumann: History of Creation and the Problem of Interpreting “Posthumous Variations” Vinokurova N. A., Tabachnikova O. M. The Role of Literature and Humanitarian Education in Socio-Economic Behaviour of Russian Youth Kalitzky V. V. On the Social Status of Pianists-Concertm Dolinskaya E. B. International Scientific and Practical Youth Forum Wang Kaidi. Tang Jianping’s Opera “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”: History of Creation and Specifics of Musical Dramaturgy Xia Tsihan. Rock Opera Genre and Its Outstanding Examples in the Musical Culture of the Last Third of the XXth Century Podguzova O. A. Sergey Yakovenko: He Knew How to Embrace the Immensity Ursegova N. A. Wedding Music and Poetry Folklore of the Russian Population of the Southern Urals Murzaliyeva S. S. Kazakhstan’s Modern Mass Culture in the Context of Musical Revival Trends Varlamova T. P. The Role of Fingering in Teaching Visually Impaired Students in the Domra Class
Yefremova N. I. Theoretical Foundations of Modern Music and Rhythmic Education Kochekov V. F. Elementary Music in The Soviet Union: Prerequisites for Implementation in the Training and Educational Space Yakoupov A. N. Social and Musical Communication: Stages of Formation in Russia Chvanova T. P. Sound Recording, Audio Communications and Piano Performance: Evolution of Views Vorozheykina V. А. Principle of Classification of Urban Wayfinding Objects Murataev K. K., Krykbayeva S. M. Issues of Ethnocultural Traditions Development in Modern Artistic Practice Chen Zekang. Symphony Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra “Sacred Fire 2008” by Tang Jianping: the Program and Its Instrumental Implementation Plotnikova N. Yu. Four-Part Choral Concertos by Nikolay Diletsky: on the Way to Publication Moskva Yu. V. Fragment of a Latin Manuscript from the Andrey Rublev Museum in Moscow Merkulov А. М. Pre-Moscow Period in the Activities of P. A. Pabst (1854–1878) Chen Xize. Store Permanently (from the Archive of The Moscow State Conservatory) Zachinyaeva M. P. After Reading “Hamlet”: Three Views on a Masterpiece by W. Shakespeare Yu Yang. “The Queen of Spades” by A. S. Pushkin — P. I. Tchaikovsky: to the Question of Cultural and Pseudo-Cultural Reinterpretation Maytesian T. D. Some Style Features of Violin Works by N. K. Medtner Terentyev S. S. Inside the Dante Worlds: Symbolic Space of Boris Tishchenko’s “Dante-Symphonies”. On the 755th Anniversary of the Birth of Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) Krasnikova T. N. “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs” by H. Gorecki as a Cultural Memory Phenomenon Limitovskaya A. V., Alexeeva I. V. Sound Image of a Cuckoo in Instrumental Music by Composers of the XVIIth – XIXth Centuries Panova E. V. The Ballet “The Little Humpbacked Horse” by Cesare Pugni: Borrowings and Citations of Music Material Ilinskaya N. I. Art Mediation in Russia and France: General and Differences Dukov E. V. Night and Its Industries Davlatzoda B. D. Tajik Chordophone Rubob: Genesis, Ergonomics Sobkin V. S., Sobkina A. V., Lykova T. A. Inclusion and Attitude Towards Education of Art Students Romashchuk I. M. Beethoven in the Mirror of Centuries
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