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Publication Ethics

The editors of the journal strive to adhere to the ethical standards of the Ethics Committee of scientific publications.

Authors and manuscripts

Only original works of a high scientific level that are not sent to other publications are accepted for consideration.
All declared authors of the manuscript must meet the criterion of a significant contribution to the work, and all who meet this criterion must be the authors.
The authors guarantee that all the data and materials presented are genuine and authentic, do not violate the rights of third parties, and their publication does not bear signs of disclosure of secret or confidential information.
If there are fragments in the manuscript or references to works protected by copyright or owned by third parties, authors should provide links to relevant sources and, if necessary, provide permission from copyright owners. A list of all references should be placed at the end of the manuscript.
The manuscript is recommended to indicate the sources of support / funding of work.
Authors should actively participate in the process of reviewing the manuscript, promptly provide reasoned answers to reviews and make the necessary changes at the request of reviewers and the editors.
If errors are found in the published article, the authors should make every necessary effort to publish corrections. The first author should send a letter to the editor with a notification of the error. If the error is so serious that it casts doubt on the results of the work, the authors should notify the editors of the recall of the article.


All manuscripts accepted for consideration by the editors of the journal go through a double-blind review process.

The reviewer should:

notify the editors if they do not have a sufficient level of competence to evaluate the manuscript;
notify the editorial office of any potential conflict of interest or competitive situation in connection with the manuscript;
refuse to review if for some reason he cannot honestly and impartially evaluate the manuscript;
maintain confidentiality of information about the manuscript and its review;
be objective and constructive in evaluating manuscripts and suggest ways to improve them;
be specific in their criticisms and provide links to justify them;
give feedback on time and comply with the rules of the magazine.


has the following rights and obligations:

Establishes procedures that facilitate the most accurate, complete and clear presentation of scientific results.
Provides peer review of all published articles by qualified specialists in the relevant field of knowledge.
Responsible for accepting or rejecting the manuscript. The decision is based on the importance, originality and clarity of the presentation of materials, the validity of the research results and its relevance to the subject of the journal.
Strictly respects the confidentiality of the manuscripts under review and the anonymity of reviewers.
Responsibly refers to possible violations of publication ethics, including cases of plagiarism, falsification / fabrication of data or results, carefully examines them at any stage of the publication process. If the violation is established before the publication of the article in the journal, the manuscript is removed from publication. If a violation is found in relation to an already published article, then in one of the following issues amendments to it or a message about its recall are published.
Promptly publishes apologies, corrections, reviews, etc.
Seeks to prevent the negative impact of business interests on the scientific and ethical level of publishing.
Attentively refers to the proposals of authors, readers, reviewers and members of the editorial board to improve the journal.

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