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REGULATIONS on the review of scientific articles in the scientific journal "Soft Measurements and Computing"

Approved and recommended for execution by the Editorial Board of the journal “Soft Measurements and Computing” on December 01, 2017 (as amended with amendments and additions dated May 01, 2020)

1. This provision on the review of scientific articles in the scientific journal "Soft Measurements and Computing" (hereinafter - the Regulation) establishes the general procedure for the consideration and review of copyright materials sent to the editor in the form of scientific articles, scientific reviews, scientific reviews and reviews for publication in the journal "Soft measurements and calculations" and posting them on the website (information resource) of the publisher.
2. The review and review of copyright materials is carried out with the aim of their expert evaluation for originality, scientific novelty, objectivity and validity.
3. All materials from the number of scientific articles and scientific reviews (hereinafter referred to as the article) submitted to the editorial office for publication corresponding to the profile and subject of the journal are subject to review.
4. Copyrighted materials must comply with the Requirements and conditions for the publication of copyrighted materials in the journal Soft Measurements and Computing (hereinafter - the Requirements), approved by the Editorial Board.
5. Copyright materials are sent to the editors by e-mail (, or by regular postal mail to the postal address of the Publishing House "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY" (123022, Moscow, Zvenigorodskoye Shosse, 5, p. 1), including: one copy of copyright materials (scientific article, scientific review, scientific review or recall), a cover letter signed by the author (or co-authors), with the application of the questionnaire and a brief scientific biography of the author (co-authors).
6. The letter of the author, sent by post, is registered in the editorial office with the assignment of a serial (account) number.
7. Each author’s material (article) submitted to the editorial board undergoes a mandatory peer review process involving a specialized specialist from the Editorial Board who has a scientific degree no lower than a candidate of science and a qualification in a scientific specialty, which corresponds to the scientific subject of the article (direction of scientific research) of the author .
8. The editor-in-chief (deputy editor-in-chief) routinely sends the received author material (article) to one of the members of the Editorial Board, who oversees the relevant scientific discipline or the direction of scientific topics on the content of the author's material (article) - for review.
9. The reviewer must, within a period of not more than two weeks (ten business days) from the day of sending him the material (article) for reviewing, prepare a conclusion (review, review) with the proposal to consider the submitted copyright materials for publication in the journal (and on the information site) publishers) or a reasonable offer to refuse publication.
10. Authors' materials (articles) that comply with the established Requirements, design rules and successfully pass the review procedure are considered for inclusion in the next issue of the journal.
11. Copyright materials (articles) submitted to the editorial office for publication in the journal, but not in accordance with the established Requirements and rules of registration and (or) failing the peer-review procedure, are rejected, which the author is notified in writing on behalf of the Editor-in-Chief (Deputy Editor-in-Chief) .
12. If the copyright materials do not comply with the established Requirements and design rules, the author is invited to modify the submitted material taking into account the Requirements and design rules.
13. If the reviewer has comments on the relevance, scientific novelty or content of the reviewed material (article), the author is invited to refine the content taking into account the recommendations of the reviewer.
14. In the event of justified reasons and circumstances that were identified by the reviewer during the review process and (or) other reasons discovered by the editors when reviewing and checking copyright materials for compliance with the established Requirements, design rules, style, and professional ethics criteria, which resulted in the impossibility of accepting the submitted materials for publication in the journal, the question is submitted for discussion to the Editorial Board, which is entitled to decide on the refusal.
15. On the basis of the decision taken, a letter is sent to the author with a notice on behalf of the Editor-in-Chief (Deputy Editor-in-Chief) in the form of a motivated refusal to publish submitted copyright materials and an indication of the specific reasons for such refusal.
16. If necessary (in contentious situations), copyright materials may be sent for additional independent (or anonymous) peer review with the involvement of external peer reviewers.
17. The involvement of external reviewers is mandatory in the following cases:
- in the absence of a specialized reviewer in the Editorial Board who oversees a particular scientific field (scientific discipline or scientific problems) in accordance with the content of the copyright material received by the Editorial Board;
- in the absence of a technical (temporary) opportunity for a specialist reviewer from the Editorial Board to prepare a review of the received material within the time period established by the Regulation;
- in case of discrepancy between the opinion of the Editor-in-Chief of the journal and the opinion (conclusion) of the reviewer-member of the Editorial Board on the fundamental aspects in the content of the material (article) submitted by the author;
- upon admission to the Editorial Office of the journal for publication of materials authored by an active member of the Editorial Board;
- in other cases (by decision of the Editor-in-Chief), when the feasibility of external review objectively arises.
18. In the case of attracting external reviewers, their candidatures are selected from among scientists, recognized experts in the subject of peer-reviewed materials, having scientific work and sufficient competence in the relevant problems of the material (articles). After agreeing on the terms of the review, an external letter is sent to the external reviewer on behalf of the Editorial Board with a request for review. The outgoing letter is accompanied by the original copyright material (article) and the review form.
19. External reviewers are obliged to consider the copyrighted materials sent to them in the prescribed manner and within the time limits of paragraph 9 of these Regulations.
20. Reviews of the materials received are kept by the publisher.
21. Articles sent to the Editorial Board again (after revision and elimination of comments) are considered by the Editorial Board in the general order and priority.

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