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Subscription through the editors

Through the editors, you can subscribe to the magazine. Applications for the purchase of regular issues of the journal are made out through subscription form on our website. Sending applications to the journal’s mailing address is not recommended.
For legal entities to fill out an application, it is necessary to indicate the following data: full name of the organization, TIN, KPP, bank account, bank details, legal address, address for mail correspondence, phone number and term of subscription.
It is enough for individuals to indicate their last name, first name and patronymic, address of residence / registration, postal code, address for postal correspondence (if it differs from the registration address), phone number and term of subscription.
Reference information is available by phone:
+7 495 592-29-98 - referent of the publishing house;
+7 915 087-73-76 - editorial secretary.

Subscription and mailing order

Acceptance of applications for the subscription of the next month and ends on the last calendar day of the current month. Subscription for the current month is not possible.
Subscription to previously published issues of the journal or individual articles of authors is carried out by order of the subscriber, by an application sent to the editorial office’s email address. A notice of payment and the necessary information explaining the nature are sent to the subscriber / customer.
Distribution is carried out, in accordance with the issued order, starting from the next month following the month of subscription. An order is considered executed after receipt of payment to the publisher’s bank account. Notification and reporting documents are sent to the subscriber / customer.


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