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Filatov V. V. , Ramazanov I. A., Guseva S. A., Lisovskaya D. V. Industry rebranding as an image synchronization technology with a new business strategy Dolgikh E. A., Pershina T. A., Bashina O. E. Statistical analysis of the work of marketplaces in Russian Federation Yakhontova E. S., Belyaeva N. A. Modern retail market and business models of russian leaders Garnov A. P., Tishkina N. P., Rybina G. A., Tishkin M. S. International indicators of digital finance development Ageeva A. F. The role of supercomputers in matters of national security Kara A. N., Mironova E. A. Directions for the development of digital currency in the financial sector of the Russian Federation Levitskaya I. A., Levitsky А. A. Financing of national projects in the Russian Federation in conditions of economic and political instability Shavkun A. S. Economic and regulatory instruments for tokenization of enterprise assets: russian and foreign experience Kurganova N. Yu. Trends in the functioning of manufacturing industries in china at the present stage Kalinin A. R., Churikova O. N. Economic justification for increasing the efficiency of resource use in modern areas of urban landscape architecture Trofimova N. N. Key benefits of implementing the “smart manufacturing” approach for a modern industrial enterprise Khramova A. V., Myavlina N. Zh., Boldyreva T. V. Intellectual property in ensuring technological sovereignty in the electronic industry of the Russian Federation Gromova N. V. HR-benchmarking as a tool for evaluating the performance of HR-departments Demeshko M. A., Shpigova O. V. Labor relations: a vector for digitalization
Trofimova N. N. Features of digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses Ovchinnikova A. V., Zimin S. D. To the question of the role of the role participant in the development of the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem Rudakova L. V. Formulation of the main characteristics of management systems of business structures in the context of their impact on business processes Garnov A. P., Tishkina N. P., Rybina G. A. Actual problems of small and medium business in Russia Chernukhina G. N., Sanamian E. I. Innovative activity of trade enterprises Volnov N. A. Real estate market trends in Russia Chumakovsky V. I. The question of the transformation of the russian economy in the context of a changing geopolitical situation on the example of cross-border transfers between individuals in the CIS countries in 2023 Bunkovsky D. V. Types of relations and systems of interaction between industrial entrepreneurship entities in the oil and gas complex Filatov V. V., Bezpalov V. V., Alyonina E. E., Zolkin A. L. Benchmarking as a tool for achieving competitive advantages in industrial and service enterprises of the automotive industry Kuznetsov N. V., Pershina T. A. Analysis of budget policy in relation to national projects Bashina O. E., Matraeva L. V., Vasyutina E. S. Transformation of the «principal-agent» concept in the context of the introduction of artificial intelligence technology Dmitriev A. G., Sultanov R. S. Classification of activities and functions of youth policy in universities Yanshin A. V. Introduction of CRM-system in the management mechanism of a tourist company Eliseev M. N., Kosareva O. A. Global and domestic coffee markets: trends and prospects of development
Firsov D. А. Impact of the investment proposal structure for economic security Kazanina M. A. On the concept of strategic management of human resource development in the Russian Arctic Golovnin R. S., Karanina E. V. Formation of normative values for indicators of the financial condition of the Russian energy distribution industry Timin A. N., Khodzhaev S. A. Formation of a group of indicators to assess the level of stress resistance of the financial system of the region Zabelina O. V., Sergeeva M. V. International practices of extending social security to workers of new forms of employment Loginov D. A., Ryabenko V. N. The security function as an economic entity within the framework of economic security Serebrovskaya T. B., Levchenko V. V. Management of an Educational Organization based on Digital Information Technologies Pershina T. A., Dolgikh E. A. Analysis of international approaches to the formation of statistical methodological documents Bashinа О. E., Belyak I. A. Legitimate Data Manipulation Practices in Public Administration Filatov V. V., Novikova Zh. V., Moiseeva O. A., Buzulutskaya M. V. Management of advertising activities of network catering enterprises Rudakova L. V. Paradigms of modern entrepreneurship development Podolsky A. G., Krasnikova A. S., Kuplinova T. A. On the Issue of Digital Transformation of the Industry of the Russian Federation Danilov D. A. Multi-agent programming in the process of substantiating the uniqueness of the strategic position of the business Ryazanova O. A. The Role and Place of Financial Literacy of the Population in Ensuring Individuals’ Financial Security
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Koroleva S. I. Trade heritage from the height of the XXI century Bout N. D. Ensuring the prosecutor’s balance of public and private interests in the supervision of the implementation of laws in the field of economy Ashitkova T. V. Ensuring the enforcement of laws on pricing for socially important goods during the period of the spread of coronavirus infection by means of public oversight measures Starikova E. A., Vlasov D. A. The balance of payments and foreign economic policy of the Russian Federation Dolgikh E. A., Pershina T. A., Bashina O. E., Antipova D. D. Statistical analysis of cross-country differences in the level of population poverty Safronchuk M. V. Digitalization and labour market. Economic policy objectives Chernukhina G. N., Schelukhina A. SMM as a tool for interacting with customers in the Digital environment Kodirzoda F. A. Priority directions of the investment policy of the Republic of Tajikistan Karanina E. V., Guseinzade R. N. Conceptual approach to diagnostics of economic security of the economic subjects into account regional and industrial specifications Safronov A. S., Kushchenko A. O., Filatov V. V., Lomakina E. V., Gorin D. S. Management analysis of the automotive industry of assembly engineering using Euler circles through the category triplex: quality–values–culture Chernukhin A. M. Analysis of the impact of digital transformation on objects intellectual property rights Pirova M. Z., Eminova A. M., Ibragimova I. I. Actual problems of implementing the country’s budgetary policy Tserendorj Khureltulga, Gorelova T. P. Organization of marketing activities of a commercial organization in the context of a pandemic Khramova A. V., Anisimova A. Using mobile marketing tools to increase sales Filatov V. V., Venediktova O. S., Minaichenkova E. I., Polozhentseva I. V. Modern problems of communication on the example of the national project «Digital Economy» Somoev R. G. Modular analysis of the social protection system of the population for its financial support Osintseva T. N. The concept of «entrepreneurship» in the language consciousness of the business community Micallef L. O. Saussure’s linguistics in language modelling research Serebrovskaya T. B., Lavrova V. V., Lisitsina A. A., Ndongo E. A. Digital educational technologies are the basis of the modern learning process Penkovskaya I. I., Vaisova A. O. Information and communication technologies as a way to improve the quality of the educational process in teaching a foreign language Filatov V. V., Moiseeva O. A., Polozhentseva I. V., Menshchikov A. R. Convergence of values, culture and quality in postmodern economic philosophy
Mokhova O. L., Nazarova N. B., Korobova E. V. Project technology for teaching professionally oriented reading in a non-linguistic university Volkov Y. A., Saveleva M. N. Welsh and English: The Education System and National Identity in Wales Golosova O. M. , Merzlikina N. I., Mokhova O. L. Green technologies and ecological terminology: based on the material of russian, english, german and french languages Ageeva A. F. Evaluation of the effectiveness of socially significant climate projects Maksimova N. A. Substantiation of indicators of the information component of the economic security of industrial enterprises Potapov P. S., Konyukhova V. E. On the state of online commerce in Russia in 2020 Maksimova N. A. Development of a mechanism for assessing the information component of the economic security of an industrial enterprise in the context of digitalization Teslenko I. B., Smirnova O. I. Features of digitalization HR-Business processes Kuzmin D. I. Problems of using elements of artificial intelligence in regional management Sharko E. R. Distant work: a new challenge of population mobility (experience of megacities and small cities) Teslenko I. B., Nikiforova S. V. Outplacement as a modern technology of personnel management Kulikova E. V., Safronchuk M. V. Advertising services market in the Russian Federation: trends, regulation and development prospects Starikova E. A., Shamanina E. A., Chertovskikh M. G. Features of the implementation of the sustainable development goals in the environmental policy and agenda of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation Savelev I. I. , Kuzmin D. I. Legal perspectives of the use of elements of artificial intelligence in the management of the region
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Surova N. Yu., Kaplewsky A. S., Serebrovsky S. P. Digital transport connection of the territories of the Russian Federation through the implementation of the transit potential of the country to ensure national security in the conditions of digital transformation of the world markets Mardanshin R. M. Trends research in the development of private sector in a social sphere and social entrepreneurs class formation as a basis of social planning processes for effective regional development in Russia Gorelova T. P., Koroleva S. I., Kosikova Yu. A. Creating an integrated brand in the Catering market Bashina O. E., Tsaregorodtsev Yu. N., Serebrovskaya T. B. Influence of information technologies on the development of educational institutions programs and training of modern personnel Get’man V. G. Improvement of certain provisions of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation related to the dismissal of employees Filatov V. V., Yermakov I. V. Overview of the state of socio-economic security of Russian dairy industry enterprises Tyutyukina E. B., Tyutyukina A. A. Infrastructural bonds market development at the present stage Basakina T. V. Import substitution methods for petrochemical enterprises Karpenko E. Z. Risks of investments in staff training organization Gribkova O. V. Risk management affecting the level of social security of the younger generation Safronov V. V. The content of the model of organizational and pedagogical conditions for the effective management of a professional educational organization But N. D. Egupov D. A. The main trends in ensuring the rights of entrepreneurs by the Prosecutor’s office in the implementation of control and Supervisory activities
Ekaterina A. Dolgikh, Tatiana A. Pershina, Olga E. Bashina Statistical analysis of activities of travel companies Leysan A. Davletshina, Mikhail V. Karmanov Topical issues of food poisoning statistics Anastasia A. Sozinova, Nadezhda K. Saveleva M&A market dynamics: macroeconomic and biological (viral) factors Tamara P. Gorelova, Yana D. Klimanova, Angelina V. Kozochkina High-tech and innovative products as a vector of strategic development for leading companies in the mobile wearable device market (for example, APPLE) Natalia Yu. Kurganova Ensuring the competitiveness of retail chains based on the development of their own brands. Andrey Yu. Mishin Business management challenges: new challenges and threats Irina G. Altsybeeva A. Yu. Borisova Systematization of factors for the formation of an enterprise’s innovation strategy Yuri A. Dmitriev, Sabir N. Mamedov, Alexander B.Petrukhin, Leonid I. Shustrov The mechanism of achieving economic sustainability Elena V. Ganebnykh, Olga V. Fokina Project management: transition steps to process management Igor V. Yermakov, Vladimir V. Filatov Current state of socio-economic security of Russian dairy industry enterprises: diagnostic methods, development forecast Elena V. Karanina, Maksim. A. Bortnikov, Maksim N. Kochetkov Evaluation of indicators for determining the efficiency and the degree of ready of the countries to the digital transition in electricity Nikita S. Lapin The Northern Sea Route as an international transport artery Nazeeh M. ELSebaie Migration policy as a component of social and economic security Sergey P. Elshansky, Olga S. Efimova, Olga V. Gribkova The algorithms of diagnostic thinking of teachers-psychologists in the tasks of effective learning, education, and educational management support Il’dar A. Yunusov Lenar A. Yunusov Prospects for achieving Russia’s sustainable development goals at the present stage
Tatiana A. Pershina, Ekaterina A. Dolgikh, Olga E. Bashina, Leysan A. Davletshina. Analysis of modern statistical software Natalya V. Bannikova, Yulia V. Orel, Angelica R. Baicherova. Features of small business development in the transport sphere on the example of the SKFO Ruslan V. Abzamilov. Research of the financial structure of Russian companies o n the example of PJSC «Tatneft» Irina B. Teslenko. IT Solutions and new business models of the Green Economy Olga B. Digilina. Development of the IT industry in the conditions of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Pandemic Igor I. Savelev, Andrey A. Chekushov. On the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic Leonid S. Zvyagin. Digital economy – the first results of innovative development Daria O. Dashkina, Juliana A. Pyl. Participation of the Russian federation in integration Economic unions Igor V. Yermakov, Vladimir V. Filatov, Marina V. Buzulutskaya, Alena N. Romanova. Food security and foreign economic activity of dairy processing enterprises of the Russian Federation Oksana L. Mokhova, Elza A. Sharykina. Features of economic discourse Ruslan G. Evloev. Problems of implementing management innovations in modern organizations Varvara D. Nodel. Theoretical aspects of securities portfolio management Aleksey N. Litvinov, Anton M. Rudomazin. Strategies for development of production of executive class cars in Russia Tamara B. Serebrovskaya, Anna O. Vaisova, Anna A. Lisitzina, Alexandra V. Averina. Digitalization as a driver of the effectiveness of foreign language teaching
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Cheglov V.P., Sabaev A.S., Mnatsikanyan A.S. Resource approach to the preservation of small trading business Lev M. Yu. Problems of price regulation while ensuring the socio-economic security of the Russian Federation in the context of the implementation of the national and strategic priority "Economic growth" Budovich LS, Startseva Yu. V. Estimation of the company's value in the process of mergers and acquisitions. Innovative synergy Kovalenko N.V., Chekunov A.S., Markhaichuk M.M.State support for the competitiveness of domestic shipbuilding Panina E.E. Mandatory classification of hotel enterprises in the Russian Federation: problems and prospects Surova N. Yu. Integrated education as the basis of the cluster approach for digital transformation of the socio-economic system of Russia Zotov V.M.To the issue of systemic balance of an economic entity Panshin I. V., Yares O. B. Compensatory tools for resource substitution in the two-factor system "labor resources - innovation" Saveliev I.I., Abdullaev N.V., Vinogradov D.V. Consulting: current state and features Baev I. A., Startsev Yu. N. Development of network competencies of personnel as a factor in increasing the efficiency of an industrial enterprise Malykh T.V. Innovative technologies in trade Levchenko N. Ye., Putyrskaya Ya. V. International financial reporting standards: implementation problems Andriyanova M.V. The role of large international companies at various stages of formation and development of the Russian market of business professional services
Tsaregorodtsev Yu.N., Bashina O.E., Matraeva L.V., Sunaeva Yu.V. The state of development of dairy and meat products markets in the Russian Federation Sharko E.R. New approaches to maintaining the image of the leader in the hospitality industry in the context of digitalization (on the example of the hotel chain "Hilton") Rodionova N.V. Philosophy of the development of social entrepreneurship in Russia and abroad Lev M. Yu. Topical issues of prices not reflected in the Forecast of socio-economic development and the Federal budget of the Russian Federation for 2020 and the planning period 2021–2022 Digilina O.B., Saveliev I.I. Successes and problems of ensuring food security of the EAEU Timonin R.V., Sokolova A.V. Economic security as a component of the national security strategy of the Russian Federation Efimova M.R., Dolgikh E.A., Pershina T.A., Bashina O.E. Statistical study of the use of ICT and the Internet by the population in the regions of the Russian Federation Karpenko E. Z. HR policy of the organization in the context of the development of the digital economy Barannikov A. L., Verevkin L. P., Ivanova S. P., Gribkova O. V. Business education in Russia: theory and practice Kulakova E. Yu. Features of the formation and implementation of the marketing strategy of educational services by higher educational institutions Wang Jiangang, Kumekhov K.K., Surova N. Yu. Competition for higher education is the reverse side of human capital accumulation in China Khaitanova M.M. Economic aspects of the formation and development of the textile industry of Turkmenistan
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