Systems Economics, Socio-Economic Cybernetics, Soft Dimensions in Economics - 2019

collection of materials of the annual international scientific and practical conference (June 07, 2019) / under total. ed. G.B. Kleiner, S.E. Shchepetova. - M .: Scientific library, 2019 .-- 304 p. - DOI 10.33278 / SESECSM-2019

ISBN 978-5-6042212-3-5

This collection contains materials (abstracts of reports) of scientists and practitioners who took part in the annual international scientific and practical conference "System economy, socio-economic cybernetics, soft dimensions in the economy -2019" (June 07, 2019). Magazines-information partners, publishing articles prepared on the basis of reports: "Economic science of modern Russia", "Management sciences", "Actual problems of economics and
Law "," Peace (Modernization. Innovation. Development) "," Economics and Mathematical Methods "," Higher Education in Russia "," Nizhny Novgorod Education "," Questions of Modern Science and Practice. University named after V.I. Vernadsky ”, the publishing house“ Scientific Library ”, the network research periodical“ Chronoeconomics ”.


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