"Review of the Null Theory". Part 2. Principles and Canons of Nature

Unique scientific ideas, theories, projects

Lyubov Ermolinskaya - M .: Pero Publishing House, 2022. - 44 p.

ISBN 978-5-00204-299-9 (Общ.)

On the basis of the traditional logic "yes-no", an understanding of the triadic logic "yes-no-otherwise" is manifested. The difference in the approach to the concept of "science" is revealed: for traditional thinking, the knowledge of the visible, physical (densely material) World, and for multidimensional thinking, the knowledge of the densely material and finely material Worlds in unity.
The difference between mathematical methods is revealed: traditional mathematics explores quantitatively the objective Reality by different methods, and "natural" mathematics studies visible and invisible natural processes in the unity of quantitative and qualitative systemic relations with one method.
The concept of universal Principles and Canons of Nature is given on the illustrative examples known to contemporaries.


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