"Review of the Null Theory". Part 3. Proportional Relations in Nature

Unique scientific ideas, theories, projects

Lyubov Ermolinskaya - M .: Publishing House "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2022. - 52 p.

ISBN 978-5-00204-299-9 (Общ.)

Conceptually, a single method of cognition reveals the Mechanism of the Creation of Nature in the unity of densely material (physical) and finely material Worlds. On simple and well-known examples from different fields of knowledge, the physical and hidden meanings of systemic relations in the objective Reality surrounding us are revealed with common tools.
Within the framework of "natural" mathematics, the interrelation of concepts is given: proportional relations, invariant transformations of proportional relations, a single Scheme of inversion of relations in Nature, the unity of the Worlds of Reality. Conceptually, for example, on the model of "Pulsating Parallel Universes" the evolution of systemic relations is described with an increase in their complexity in Nature.


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