"Review of the Null Theory". Part 1. Preface

Unique scientific ideas, theories, projects

Lyubov Ermolinskaya - M .: Pero Publishing House, 2022. - 44 p.

ISBN 978-5-00204-299-9 (Общ.)
ISBN 978-5-00204-300-2 (Ч.1)

“Each civilization at a certain age has the opportunity to elevate or destroy itself. If a choice is made in favor of elevation, then an impulse arises that allows the Teachings about the lost Laws of Existence to appear.
(Message Received)

People who accepted the impulse at the end of the 80s of the twentieth century began to show different, previously unseen and reasonable information from their Subconsciousness - healing, scientific, spiritual, technological, moral, ... It was impossible to understand: what was it about? How do you put these images into words? why me? Unprecedented personal labor changed consciousness: passionaries prepared the foundation of Knowledge and Skills “for the New Time”… the ethnos did not suspect about the impending transformation.
In Mikhail Ivanovich Belyaev, an impulse from outside awakened a different logic, "natural" mathematics, an awareness of semantic connections with the knowledge of the Ancients. The universal fundamental Theory of knowledge of the Mechanism of Creation (Null Theory) conceptually manifested itself in the form of a unified Theory of Multidimensional Natural Relations. The author of Theory described it in thousands of pages and tens of thousands of schemes, calculations, drawings of sacred geometry. Belyaev published numerous monographs.
The series of brochures proposed by Lyubov Yermolinskaya is a short, systematic, scientific presentation - "Review of the Null Theory". Work in the last ten years next to the Author of Theory on understanding, generalization, adaptation of scientific Knowledge of the next level of dimension of the Space of the Planet allowed me to take up this topic publicly.


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