teaching aid / E. A. Mosakova, - M: Publishing House "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2018. - 216 p.

ISBN 978-5-6040215-6-9

This training manual is prepared in accordance with the requirements for the preparation of bachelors in the field of "international relations" of the educational standard of higher education at Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov in the direction of "International Relations" 41.03.05/38.03.04/XNUMX (qualification (degrees) "bachelor"), State and municipal administration XNUMX (qualification (degrees) “Bachelor”). The teaching aid is intended for the development of classroom and independent work of students on the course "Demography", and teachers of demographic disciplines. The manual includes a course program, a list of topics for presentations and essays, questions for preparing for tests, control test questions and assignments, a list of recommended literature and Internet sources. The manual will also be useful in teaching students studying in the areas of preparation for international relations in economic specialties. And also to those who are interested in demographic issues or need to study the basics of demographic knowledge for use in practical work.


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