Abdominal surgery of small pets

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

study guide / ed. sost .: Vilkovysky I.F., Zhukova K.A., Trofimtsov D.V., Vatnikov Yu.A., Seleznev SB, Gorshkov S.S., Ulanova N.V., Friday S.A. , Rusnak I.A., Bayzykhanov S.K.-R. / ed. Vilkovyskogo I.F. - 3rd edition, revised and supplemented. - M.: Scientific Library Publishing House, 2018. - 208 p.

ISBN 978-5-6041667-8-9

The manual describes the main symptoms and diagnosis of surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity of small pets, provides a detailed description of the stages of surgical interventions, as well as possible complications and ways to eliminate them. Schemes of operations, clinical examples from our own practice, as well as illustrative illustrations are presented. Designed for practicing veterinarians, university students enrolled in the specialty "Veterinary", students of additional professional education courses.


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