Formation of a control system for university activities in Russia and abroad


monograph / collective of authors, ed. R.P. Bulygi. M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2019 - 258 p.

ISBN 978-5-6042212-2-8

The monograph is based on materials of research work devoted to the urgent problem of creating a system for monitoring the activities of universities in Russia and abroad. The best Russian and foreign concepts and practices of organizing and developing systems for monitoring the activities of universities in different areas are examined: the educational process, research work, management organization and economic activity. Much attention is paid to changes in the organization of the educational process and the management of universities in the digitalization of the economy. The concepts and principles of a systematic approach to the organization of external and internal control of universities, methods and tools for end-to-end control based on modern technologies for managing higher education institutions have been developed. The monograph is intended for practitioners in the field of internal and external control and audit, heads of economic entities, students specializing in the field of control and audit.


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