Safety requirements and veterinary sanitary examination of bee honey

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

monograph / under the general editorship of M.P.Butko and A.M.Smirnov - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2019. - 562 p.

ISBN 978-5-6042212-7-3

Using the publications of scientific and practical international and domestic studies of experts in the field of safety requirements and veterinary and sanitary examination of honey bee, as well as our own experience in this field of veterinary medicine, the authors of the monograph presented generalized data on issues of Russian and international legislative acts governing honey safety; issues of the veterinary sanitary examination of bee honey in food (retail) markets are covered; veterinary requirements for the export and import of honey and others. The monograph provides information about honey bee, a description of diseases (including emergent infectious diseases of bees) and pests of bees with the presentation of their color photos, veterinary and sanitary requirements and the procedure for veterinary and sanitary examination of bee honey, as well as reference materials of the main types chemical pollutants of bee honey. The authors hope that the materials and information provided in the monograph can be useful for veterinarians and other employees working in the field of veterinary and sanitary expertise, students of educational institutions in the specialties “Veterinary”, “Veterinary and sanitary examination” and “Commodity science”, practitioners beekeepers, as well as during the preparation by the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia of new, scientifically-based “Veterinary Rules for the Veterinary and Sanitary Examination of Bee Honey at Food Markets and Fairs”.


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