Mass communication as a global process

History, Philosophy

Naumenko T.V. / Textbook. - M.: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2015. - 396 p.

ISBN 978-5-906660-34-3

Why is mass communication throughout the history of its existence so much in demand in society, but at the same time, claims and reproaches are made against everyone who participates in the process of its implementation? What is the essence of this most important social process? What is its role in society? Who are the subjects of mass communicative activity and what is its object? How is mass communication connected with the values ​​of society, and, finally, what is the freedom of mass communication, about which scientists, politicians, journalists and philosophers have been arguing for many centuries? The author gives reasoned answers to these important questions based on the socio-philosophical analysis of mass communication as a global social process. As a result of a comprehensive interdisciplinary analysis, the textbook reveals the essence of mass communication, which contributes not only to optimizing the study of this process, but also to harmonizing all subsystems in the system of society as an integral system. The textbook is intended for students, graduate students, teachers and researchers dealing with the theory and practice of mass communication, problems of public relations, as well as the analysis of global social processes and social institutions.


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