Moscow battle

History, Philosophy

Auth. comp. Skrypnikov A.V., Larionova I.S., Nagiev G.G., Dolgov A.P., Prilutsky V.V., Panin E.N. / Ed. Dr. East. sciences, prof. A.V. Skrypnikova. - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2015. - 436 p.

ISBN 978-5-906660-55-8

This book is a comprehensive analysis of the battle of Moscow. The authors set themselves the goal of giving a brief description of the course of hostilities in the initial period of the war, and during the Moscow battle, to show the stamina, perseverance and mass heroism of Soviet soldiers, to reveal the causes of our failures, to summarize and draw some conclusions. This publication is intended for students, graduate students and university professors, as well as cadets and students of military schools. The materials can be used in the development and reading of basic and special courses on Russian history, sociology and political science.


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