Management of organizational changes in socio-economic systems


Blinov A.O., Blagireva E.N., Rudakova O.S. / monograph. M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY" 2016. - 408 p.

ISBN 978-5-906660-71-8

The monograph is devoted to the urgent topic of managing organizational changes in socio-economic systems. It gives a systematic representation of theoretical and methodological knowledge about the management of organizational change, taking into account the evolution of its development, world and Russian experience, modern practice, taking into account the transition of the world community to the knowledge economy. The authors proposed original ideas, principles, models of organizational changes in socio-economic systems set forth in modern foreign and domestic scientific literature. Much attention is paid to approaches, modern methods, tools for organizing organizational changes in socio-economic systems of practical importance. The role of management consulting in the implementation of organizational changes in socio-economic systems is presented, and a methodology for their implementation based on the process approach to management is proposed. For scientists, graduate students, students studying in the direction of "Management", heads of organizations.


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