High-tech enterprise finance management


Textbook / E.V. Sokolov, K.D. Gayvoronskaya and others; Ed. E.V. Sokolova. - M.: Scientific Library Publishing House, 2015. - 672 pp., Ill.

ISBN 978-5-906660-73-2

The basic methodological and practical foundations of financial management of high-tech enterprises are considered. Considerable attention is paid to methods of increasing and planning the profits and funds of enterprises. Financial technologies for optimizing the structure and volumes of products are outlined. The technology of current financial planning and forecasting the financial condition of enterprises using the methods of simulation modeling and the method of "percentage of sales" (formula method) is presented. Each chapter of the textbook is supplemented with examples of tasks demanded in practice, their solution is given. The content of the textbook corresponds to the lecture courses that the authors read at MSTU. N.E. Bauman. For students, teachers and graduate students of economic faculties, as well as for specialists of planning and financial services of high-tech enterprises.


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