Marketing management and the formation of the "new economy" of modern Russian society


monograph. Akopova E.S., Przhedetskaya N.V. - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2016. - 264 p.

ISBN 978-5-906660-88-6

The monograph examines the role and importance of marketing management in the process of forming the “new economy” of modern Russian society. The conceptual approaches to the study of the essence of the content of marketing in the context of the formation and development of a knowledge economy are given. The authors concluded that the successes of high-tech production, scientific and technical and social progress are increasingly determined by the quality characteristics of the national education system, the level of training of scientists and specialists that meets the requirements of the emerging neo-economy. Russia can have no other way to form a development strategy than the formation of a knowledge-based economy, an innovative type of economy. The monograph is intended for employees of scientific institutions, university professors, graduate students, undergraduates, and people interested in this problem.


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