Thoracic surgery

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

author comp. I.F. Vilkovsky, A.A. Vorontsov, Yu.A. Vatnikov, K.A. Zhukova, S.G. Atanasova, D.V. Garanin, L.V. Golub, S.S. Gorshkov, G.S. Imbert, R.R. Kadyrov, P.A. Kuznetsov, K.V. Lisitskaya, M.V. Nazarova, D.O. Neginsky, I.I. Orlova, I.Yu. Pervukhina, S.A. Tatarintsev, N.V. Ulanova, A.N. Chernova, R. Busadorio, M. Carollo, R. Santilli / ed. Vorontsova A.A. - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2019. - 308 p.

ISBN 978-5-907242-04-3

The guide for veterinarians shows the basics of thoracic surgery: anatomy of the chest and chest organs; operational techniques and accesses. Also, sufficient attention is paid to the diagnosis of pathologies of the organs of the chest cavity, indications and contraindications for surgical intervention. Indications are given for anesthetic management of patients, both during surgery and in the early postoperative period. The manual will be relevant for beginners and experienced surgeons, as most of the operations on the chest are described in detail and as accessible as possible, the features of their conduct, possible complications and options for their elimination are given rather rare, but actively used cardio operations. Much attention is paid to minimally invasive - thoracic surgery, as well as the basics of diagnostic tactics. All materials are supplemented with a video toolkit, so that it is easier for colleagues of any length of service and level to understand the disease, its treatment and provide the most effective help to their patients.


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