Evaluation of the effectiveness of the work of authorities (Part I: state level)

Political science

monograph / Teslenko I. B., Digilina O. B., Polzunova N. N., Smirnova O. I. under the editorship of Assoc. I.I.Savelieva 1. M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2019 - 208 p.

ISBN 978-5-907242-12-8

The monograph is the first attempt to summarize some of the theoretical and methodological achievements of the authors, who in their works considered these issues and have practical experience in interacting with government agencies that evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of decisions of authorities at various levels. Some points are considered on the example of one of the regions of Russia - the Vladimir region. In general, part I of the series of works presents questions on the declared topic in the context of the state level with a focus on the regional aspect. Currently, work is underway on part II of the topic “Evaluation of the effectiveness of the work of the authorities”, which will concern the municipal level. We hope that this series of scientific materials will be useful to government officials, managers at various levels, specialists in the field of economics and management, graduate students and students.


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