Improving the quality of fawn products by modifying the properties of the fur-fur semi-finished product and design digitalization

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

monograph / Novikov M.V., Viktorova N.S., Guseva M.A., Andreeva E.G., Petrosova I.A., Belgorodsky V.S., Balakirev N.A. - M .: Publishing house " SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY ", 2019 - 180 p.

ISBN 978-5-907242-13-5

For the effective development of the domestic fur industry, knowledge about the properties of various types of fur and fur semi-finished products and the design and manufacture of products from them is important. The monograph presents the theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of the formation of consumer properties of fawn skins. The histological features of the main categories of hair of fawn skins are shown. The concept of the formation of uniform production batches from fawn skins of different harvesting regions is substantiated, taking into account the significant variability of the semi-finished product in terms of area and color, as well as uniformity in the basic qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the fur. Finishing methods for leather fabric and hair cover of a prefabricated fawn are proposed that improve the performance of its consumer properties. A method is described for determining the aging resistance of dressed fur skins under conditions that mimic operational conditions. Based on the digital structuring of the set of properties of prefabricated fawn, an algorithm has been developed for the reasonable selection of fawn for clothing, hats, accessories and related products, taking into account the functional purpose of each model. The systematization of constructive solutions for the main cuts of clothes made of fawn was performed, and the distribution of constructive increases in the main sections of the structures was substantiated. The material presented in the monograph will be useful to specialists in the fur industry and the agrotechnical complex, scientists, graduate students, masters and bachelors of universities studying in the areas of 100800 Commodity Science, 111100 Zootechny, 656100 Technology and Design of Light Industry Products.


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