Guide to Veterinary Clinical Ultrasound

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

translation and scientific edition by G.S. Imbert, T.V. Bogautdinova, I.I. Orlova, D.P. Dubovik, P.E. Shklovskaya - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2020. - 196 p.

ISBN 978-5-907242-56-2

This guide to ultrasound diagnostics was conceived as a useful tool for anyone looking to learn ultrasound imaging and / or to improve their level of both acquisition and interpretation of ultrasound images.
The approach used is based on the experience of the SCIVAC clinical ultrasound course, which, through its ten years of preparation, allowed a close-knit group of speakers to optimize the teaching time, methods and strategies for transferring theoretical / practical knowledge to the participants. The benefit of this guide is its practical, clear and schematic approach. The first chapters outline the basic principles known to those who use this method. Special attention is paid to ultrasound artifacts, which must also be recognized and interpreted correctly by less experienced operators. The fourth chapter is a key part of the guide because, through its many photographs and diagrams, it illustrates the basic steps in acquiring the right scanning technique and a systematic approach. In the main part, there are chapters on the various organs of the abdominal cavity and extra-abdominal structures. They all include a large introduction that, through the use of tables and diagrams, provides accurate guidance on examination technique and provides detailed information on normal ultrasound anatomy. The second part of each chapter of the main part is devoted to ultrasound examination for pathological changes, which are considered clearly and schematically, and are also illustrated with numerous images. Many thanks to all the authors, friends far beyond the Palazzo Trekki rooms, who made this guide a unique text, with the hope that it will be a real help for many to always be within the reach of "ultrasound".


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