Innovative technologies for manufacturing "smart clothes" with increased functionality

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Getmantseva V.V., Tyurin I.N., Andreeva E.G., Belgorodsky V.S.
Monograph. - M .: Publishing House "Scientific Library", 2020 - 180 p.

ISBN 978-5-907242-62-3

Scientific research and innovative technologies provide a wide range of information for designing clothing with fundamentally new functions that provide comfort to a person in both extreme and normal conditions of life. However, the use of innovative technologies and new materials requires an informal intellectual approach of the designer to the design process, assuming an understanding of the need and the possibility of using new technologies to create products with increased functionality. For the intellectualization of the design process of products with increased functionality, the current directions of using innovative technologies in the production of clothing are considered. A system for the assembly of thermoregulatory clothing is proposed, designed to form optimal functional and constructive solutions for new products. In order to develop the direction of environmentally friendly materials, biodegradable nonwoven fabrics based on bacterial cellulose have been obtained, the physical and mechanical properties of the developed material have been investigated from the standpoint of the possibility of designing and manufacturing garments based on it. Prospects for the use of plastic in clothing as an eco-direction in the field of raw materials processing are considered. The analysis of the impact of sports compression clothing on the human body with recommendations for personalized design. Approaches to the design of interactive clothing with signaling functions, shape retention, aromatization, and protection functions are considered. The stages of designing a personalized product with elements of intellectualization are described, which make it possible to formalize data, including systematized information about the requirements for the product, its functions, variants of constructive, compositional and technological solutions. The material presented in the monograph will be useful for specialists in the light and textile industries, researchers, graduate students, masters and bachelors of universities, studying in areas 656100 "Technology and design of light industry products."

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