Strategy for the development of oil and gas resources of the Russian shelf


monograph / NS Kondratenko - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2021 - 290 p.

ISBN 978-5-907242-84-5

In this study, based on the analysis of the macro- and mega-environment, including the trends of the global energy market and the technical and economic development of the world's leading economies, the inclusion of shelf development projects among the priorities of the modern development of the Russian economy is justified. The monograph presents the author's methodology for a comprehensive multicriteria technical and economic assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of oil and gas offshore projects, as well as approaches to solving the problems of optimizing a portfolio of projects common for all subsoil users, the use of which allows an objective analysis of the effectiveness of heterogeneous offshore oil and gas facilities and, as a result, to substantiate those adopted at the state and at the corporate level, management solutions capable of maximizing the economic effect in the development of the shelf in modern Russian realities. The study presents the results of the analysis of trends in the development of the international oil and gas complex, as well as foreign experience in the development of shelf resources, a system of measures is proposed to stimulate the development of oil and gas production on the Russian shelf.


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