Pathological diagnostics of pig diseases

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

Monograph / A.A. Kudryashov, V.I. Balabanova, T.P. Maximov, M.I. Maximova. - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2022. - 400 p. 466 col. ill.

DOI 10.36871/978-5-907497-13-9

ISBN 978-5-907497-13-9

This book accumulates authors’ practical knowledge and experience in pig pathology. It contains a big volume of theoretical and illustrative material, collected during authors’ many years long pig dissecting practice on pig farms in Russia. Most of the diseases presented in the book are diseases of the modern livestock of Russian pig farms, studied by the authors in the last XNUMX years until XNUMX. There are more than XNUMX original photographs of pig organs with pathological changes due to different diseases and pathological conditions. Methodological material on pig necropsy is also presented, as well as differential diagnosis tables.


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