Minerals and vitamins in the feeding of caged fur-bearing animals

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

Maksimov V. I., Balakirev N. A., Deltsov A. A. Minerals and vitamins in the feeding of caged fur animals: a textbook. - M .: Publishing house "Scientific Library", 2022 - 130 p. ill. - (special literature).

ISBN 978-5-907497-57-3

The textbook is a publication that outlines modern ideas about minerals and vitamins used in fur farms to feed caged fur-bearing animals bred to obtain environmentally friendly, warm and beautiful skins from them, about their biological role in the body, about their influence on the physiological processes and functions of the organism of animals, on their qualitative originality.
These instructions are intended to assist specialists in the field of zootechnics and veterinary medicine, merchandisers, as well as undergraduate, specialist, master's students, graduate students and researchers of agricultural universities and research institutes in obtaining the necessary knowledge on the cultivation of fur animals and obtaining quality products from them.


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