Stereotypes of thinking: ignorance and obscurantism

Unique scientific ideas, theories, projects

M.I. Belyaev - series: "Unified Theory of the Field of Natural Relations", volume 5 / M.I. Belyaev. - Moscow: Publishing House "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2022, 172 p.: ill.

ISВN 978-5-907497-76-4

For the first time, Charles Darwin struck a blow at the divine status of people's self-conceit, as a reasonable person, by substantiating the theory of the origin of man from apes. 3. Freud inflicted an even more crushing blow on humanity by substantiating the nature of the human "unconscious" that a person is not "the master in his own house." K. Jung supplemented the theory of the "unconscious" to the "collective-unconscious", that the society is not the master in its own house. Today, humanity must realize another, the most painful conclusion that most people are biorobots, perhaps the most perfect, but biorobots, and all spheres of human life are formed by the "rational mind", formed by the stereotypes of people's thinking. The book also substantiates the ways of forming the New scientific thinking: a fundamentally different, holographic, interpretation of the stereotypes of the formation of consciousness and multidimensional space-time; conditions and principles for the formation of the harmonious development of the "Man-Society-Nature" system, conditions and principles for the formation of the Noospheric Mind. Many materials of the book reflect the meanings of new fundamental scientific problems.
The book may be relevant for a wide range of readers, for anyone interested in the future of science, man, society and nature. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has been by my side during these years.


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