Bioluminescent ATP-metry: practical aspects

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

DOI 10.36871/978-5-907497-77-1

monograph / E.N. Efremenko, N.N. Ugarova, G.Y. Lomakina, O.V. Senko, N.A. Stepanov, O.V. Maslova, A.G. Aslanly, I.V. Lyagin – М.: Publishing House «SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY», 2022. – 376 с.

ISBN 978-5-907497-77-1

The collective monograph is devoted to demonstrating and discussing the possibilities of using a highly sensitive bioluminescent method for analyzing concentrations of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in various objects and fields of research: in sanitation, biomedicine, toxicology, in solving environmental problems, the development and use of environmental technologies, antimicrobials and food products, chemical and biological means of protection and anticorrosive agents, new and effective biocatalysts and biotechnological processes, means of cell storage and differentiated cell analysis. The wide practical application of this analysis is based on the bioluminescent luciferin-luciferase reaction, the development of enzymatic reagents for which and the conditions of their use have been the object of in-depth study for several decades with the participation of the authors of this monograph. This made it possible to summarize in the monograph the results of this work in the form of specific recommendations for the use of bioluminescent ATP-metry using the luciferase drug that has been successfully commercialized to date. Scientists who are active users of this method of analysis present in the monograph the results, including illustrative ones, confirming the successful use of ATP-metry in their own various experiments. At the same time, conclusions are presented on the obtained results of ATPmetry in comparison with the characteristics of media, catalysts and processes, which are controlled in parallel by other analytical methods.
The monograph is intended for specialists interested in modern highly sensitive methods of studying various processes involving individual cells or complex natural and synthetic consortia or associations of cells in suspension or immobilized state. The monograph will be useful for undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers specializing in analytical and bioorganic chemistry, physico-chemical biology, chemical enzymology, toxicology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, biomedicine, microbiology, and can also be used as a manual for users of methods of ATP-metry.


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