Secrets of the arithmetic triangle

Unique scientific ideas, theories, projects

M.I. Belyaev - series: "Unified Field Theory of Natural Relations", volume 4 / M.I. Belyaev. - Moscow: Publishing House "Scientific Library", 2022, 148 pp.: ill.

ISBN 978-5-907497-86-3

In this book for the first time substantiated, from the standpoint of the new mathematical Theory of Multidimensional Natural (Proportional) Relations (TMPO), many of the innermost secrets of natural relationships that nature hides in the most visible place - in the arithmetic triangle:

Secrets of natural producing functions;
Secrets of gravity and antigravity;
Secrets of natural crystals;
Secrets of holography and the holographic universe,
Secrets of ethereal space and much more.

The book may be relevant for a wide range of readers, for everyone who is interested in the future of science, man, society and nature, although in the book many materials are in the nature of hypothetically new knowledge that has not been experimentally verified, and concepts, concepts and definitions can have interpretations that differ from academic. However, this knowledge is based on the same theoretical and methodological methods and principles, which indicates their theoretical reliability. Therefore, I ask you not to make hasty conclusions “yes or no”, because. the materials presented can be interpreted “differently”, reflecting the meaning of new scientific problems revealed by TMPO.


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