Our energy

Unique scientific ideas, theories, projects

monograph / G. V. Shuvaev - M .: Publishing House "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2023. - 132 p.

ISBN 978-5-907672-37-6

Shuvaev Georgy Vasilievich, President of the energy-ecological society "Graviton", Yaroslavl
• Scientific picture of the world "Cyclonic Universe", 1990.
• Projects: "Noosphere", "Laser Energy", "Earthly Religion", "Statistic Symbiontism" and "World View" - 2015.
• Ecological Doctrine "Noosphere", 2016.
• Concepts of the Ecological Doctrine "Noosphere", 2017.
• Inventions: laser power generator, 2007.
• Models: graviton (2006), magnetron (2006), electron (2006), nucleon (2006), atom (2006), atomic stem model (2006).

Annotation: In the monograph "Our energy" in the first part: "On the vices of our energy", their significant shortcomings are presented and the damage that causes irreparable harm to society and nature is shown; in the second part: "On the project of laser energy", which should be created, the discoveries in laser and nuclear physics are used, as well as the results of advances in microprocessor technologies.


PART I. About the vices of our energy drinks
1. Vices of energy drinks
2. “Peaceful” uranium atom
3. Efficiency of vicious energy drinks
PART II. About the Laser Energy project:
1. The concept of laser energy
2. Laser energy and economics
3. Laser electric generator Shuvaeva G.V.
4. Applications of the Russian Federation for inventions “Electric generator Shuvaev G.V.”
5. Applications of the Russian Federation for inventions “Method of generating electricity in an electric generator by Shuvaev G.V.”
6. On making a political decision on the creation of laser electric generators - the basis of laser energy and energy security of the Russian Federation
7. Unique event!
8. Applications
8.1. Project "Graviton"
8.2. On the threshold of the era of personal power generators
8.3. Laser electric generator - a new word in energy
8.4. New technologies: laser electric generator - back to progress?
8.5. "In the vortex of gravitons"
8.6. Each apartment has its own energy source
8.7. Mikhail Dmitruk. Seven discoveries that will shock the world
8.8. Mikhail Dmitruk. Katsabanis' proof: Canadian billionaire defends the discovery of Volgograd scientists


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