Human Intellect and Physical Reality


Gvozdeva E.A. English language coursebook / upper intermediate. Educational and practical manual for students of technical and pedagogical universities. – M.: Publishing house “SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY”, 2023. – 360 p.

ISBN 978-5-907672-73-4

DOI 10.36871/978-5-907672-73-4

What do we know about the physical reality in which we exist? Who are we and where are we going? Was mathematics invented by man or did it originally exist in nature? Are cosmic laws derived by scientists or are they embedded in the foundation of the universe? Did the Universe arise by chance or is there a Great Architect? What is digital biology? What is shamanism? Where is technological progress taking us? How will education change in the 21st century? Is our civilization coming to an end? What do philosophers like Erich Fromm and Nahum Chomsky think about this? What do 21st century scientists think about this?
An educational and practical guide to the English language invites students to find answers to these and many other questions in the process of studying the fundamental nature of reality. The book immerses the reader in the world of modern scientific knowledge about the foundations of the universe.
The purpose of the manual is to improve the skills of reading original English texts and speaking within the framework of the information provided. A special feature of the textbook is that it teaches understanding scientific information in the original language without resorting to translation. Lesson grammar is presented, words for understanding texts are explained, and rules for stressing words are given. Intellectual and formal tasks have been developed to improve speaking skills, giving lectures, conducting seminars and conferences in English. A new option for conducting tests and exams is proposed. In order to teach listening comprehension of English speech, Internet resources are used - lectures by scientists on the topics being studied. The textbook is intended for students of technical and pedagogical universities.


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