Chains of qualitative complexity

Unique scientific ideas, theories, projects

Malyshev V.A. / Second edition. Moscow: Publishing House “SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY”, 2024. – 432: with ill.

ISBN 978-5-907823-23-5
DOI 10.36871/978-5-907823-23-5

Everyday life and psychology, science and mysticism, philosophy and common sense are not so far from each other as they are separated by the force of things and the habit of local thinking. The concept of chains is something common that characterizes their development, thereby giving a new look at Russia and the West, ancient texts, healing and the development of consciousness.

Chains allow us to look at the connection with our Self, our will, at new and old fundamental ideas in a completely different way. Including ideas close to the book: G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Uspensky in esotericism, F. Nietzsche and Tao Te Ching in philosophy, L.N. Gumilyov in ethnogenesis. Chains of qualitative complexity are the only scientific term in this globally unscientific book written by a professional scientist.


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