Chronicles of Espartania (kaleidoscope of destinies)

History, Philosophy

Antonio Fernandez Ortiz / M .: Publishing House "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2016. - 384 p.

ISBN 978-5-9909010-1-8

The novel by Antonio Fernandez Ortiz “The Chronicles of Espartania (Kaleidoscope of Fate)” is one of the most important works of recent years in Spanish fiction, although it is little known to the general public. The novel takes place in Spain against the backdrop of the most important historical events of the first half of the 1936th century: the civil war of 1939-XNUMX. (the last peasant war of Western Europe) and the post-war period, which changed their lives both in villages and towns, and in large cities and, in general, throughout Spain until the almost complete disappearance of this world. This multifaceted work combines all the most interesting aspects of fiction: heroic and tragic stories, love affairs, descriptions of historical realities and disappeared lifestyles, and the author’s skill and his vibrant, vibrant language that fills the speech of the heroes with extraordinary artistic force fully help readers feel like participants in those distant events.


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