AGITPROP and KULTPROSVET of Prince Golitsyn and Co

History, Philosophy

N. V. Tabunova / agitation and educational graphics, 1920–1930 from the funds of the MBU "Museum-Reserve" Dmitrov Kremlin ". - M .: "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2016. - 200 p. with silt.

ISBN 978-5-9909010-9-4

The book “AGITPROP and CULTURAL PROSLET of Prince Golitsyn and Co.” presents to the reader not only items from the stock collections, but also the life stories of four artists who collaborated with the Museum of the Dmitrov Region in the 1920–1930s: Vladimir Mikhailovich Golitsyn, Alexander Petrovich Lyubimov, Alexey Trifonovich Grevtsev and Vladimir Pavlovich Didkovsky. Both the subject matter of the works and the biographies of the artists reflect the time slice of history, social ideology and the individual world of each of the authors. A publication with numerous illustrations introduces new sources into scientific circulation: drawings and sketches of architectural monuments of Dmitrovsky district, new facts from the history of the museum, the city and personal stories. The book is of interest both for specialists - historians, museum employees, art historians, architects of restorers, and for a wide range of readers.


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