Veterinary and sanitary requirements for ensuring the safety of meat and meat products

Veterinary, zootechnics and biotechnology

monograph / under the general editorship of M.P. Butko. - M .: Publishing house "SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY", 2017. - 332 p.

ISBN 978-5-9909931-2-9

The authors, using the publications of studies of domestic and foreign experts in the field of veterinary sanitation and the practical experience of specialists in veterinary and sanitary examination, as well as their own experience in this field, provided generalized data on the issues of veterinary and sanitary requirements for the procurement, transportation, slaughter veterinary examination of animals and the procedure for veterinary and sanitary examination of slaughter products (meat and meat products) at slaughterhouses; issues of veterinary sanitary examination and assessment of meat and other products of slaughter in infectious, invasive and non-infectious diseases of slaughtered animals (cattle, pigs, sheep, horses), poultry, rabbits, nutria, wild animals and game birds; highlighted issues of identification of animals and products of animal origin, species of meat, methods and determination of falsification of meat, made proposals for the examination of meat in case of poisoning and radiation damage. Information is provided about laboratory methods for the study of meat, including with trichinosis and control of the use of animal growth stimulants; on the implementation of the HACCP system. The monograph contains data on the thermal stability and inactivation of pathogens of infectious diseases of animals. In addition, recommendations are given on the processing of meat to be decontaminated or disposed of. The authors hope that both the materials and information from the regulatory documentation on the basic concepts and terms can be useful for veterinarians and other employees working in the field of veterinary sanitation and veterinary and sanitary examination, as well as students of educational institutions with a degree in " Veterinary Medicine and Commodity Science.


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