UDK 327
DOI: 10.36871/ek.up.p.r.2022.05.04.010


Darko Popadić,
Nada Živanovic,
Faculty of Business and Law, University «MB» Belgrade
Vlada Živanović,
State Audit Office, Belgrade


The global business of manufacturing companies is successful today if it is efficient management and leadership, ie. if they lead companies to the goal with great responsibility. This forms the basis for ensuring that companies effectively adapt to change, new strategies, strategic goals of competitiveness and long-term successful sustainability in a turbulent market.
The facts show, that business and production organizations want to dominate the world market. They are determined to fight for dominance within the environment of market competition. This conditions the flexibility of production organizations to new changes and business conditions of companies, that is, the new internationalization of production and capital, all in order to achieve high success of production companies.
Basically, the systematization of market capital and interests intensified after the 1970s, where it dominates today in the 21st century.
From that time until today, we have witnessed great changes in the business world, both in the financial capital of the most developed countries in the world, where it manages to integrate all relations and market relations into one whole (national economy, business, companies, corporations). etc.), as well as in global market laws.
From the organizational point of view, modern views of the global business world are current today, where new inventions and new business methods are needed, in order for production organizations to be recognizable by new changes in the product/ service, ie. by brand and indetity card -ID card of the manufacturer.

Ключевые слова

Global business, management, leadership, production factors, market, Characteristics.