DOI: 10.36871/hon.202001002


R. Maroziene
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania


The sociocultural aspect of teaching to play Lithuanian national music instruments is a neglected topic in terms of research. There are various folk instruments and forms of their promotion in the contemporary pedagogics and culture, therefore the author of the article conducts the research aiming at determining the most currently efficient methods of folk instruments expression, which could have a positive effect on the entire development of pedagogics in this area. The article discusses international contests, festivals and scientific conferences bringing together folk instruments performers, taken place in Lithuania and in Europe, analyses the influence of such events on pedagogics of national instruments.
The aim of the research: to analyse and to define the sociocultural peculiarities of teaching to play Lithuanian national music instruments.
Tasks of the research: to describe the role and significance of the ethnic music in the contemporary music education in Lithuania; to analyse the opportunities for spreading sociocultural pedagogics of Lithuanian national music instruments and the role thereof in the contemporary global culture.
Research methods: observation, comparison, interview, review of scientific and methodological papers, analysis of legislations and guiding documents on education.

Ключевые слова

ethnic music, music education, national music instrument